Refund And Cancellation Policy

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We process all your orders within 3 days. Orders can be cancelled but there will be no refunds made towards the order. 

No refunds will be made once your Ad is accepted and displayed on our main page. Price that is paid at the time your payment is final and will not be refunded.

No offensive/illegal images/links/description will be accepted. Net Never Forgets will decide what is appropriate to be displayed in the site. If your Ad is rejected due to illegal image/link/description uploading, the payment will not be refunded and also the pixel-plot reserved by you will be released for other Advertisers. Hence please ensure to provide the right picture and link while submitting your Ad.

If the website link provided by you is accepted and any offensive/obscene/illegal content is added in the website link on a later stage then your Ad will be removed without any warning or intimation. The Pixel-plot will become available again for other Advertisers and a refund will not be made.

You can remove the Ad posted by you any time by logging into the Net Never Forgets account but there will not be any refund made and the Pixel-plot will be made available for other Advertisers. 

Although Net Never Forgets will not attempt to change/remove your Ads, under exceptional circumstances such as lawsuit, public outcry, court order we reserve the right to do so. Under such circumstances, refund will not be done.