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How does the site work?

Net Never Forgets deals with 95 categories for Advertising. Each Category has its own Pixel Page. Each Pixel page has 5,00,000 Pixels. A group of 100 pixels (10x10) is called a “Pixel-Plot”. Each pixel costs Rs.1 and hence a Pixel-plot costs Rs.100. You can purchase “Pixel-Plots” and advertise your Image/ Logo in the purchased plot.

You can also have your Company Website/ Blog/ FB links/ Contact Info uploaded to the Image/ Logo so that when users visiting our site click on the Image/ Logo, they will be redirected to your website or your contact info will displayed in case you do not have a website.

Pixel-Plots are available for sale under a wide range of categories. You can choose any preferred category to purchase the plots and advertise.

View Sample Pixel Page with uploaded ADs here:

Watch Video on 'How It Works' here:

Sample Pixel-plot sizes are provided for your reference.

How many Pixel-Plots can I Purchase?

100 pixels (10 x 10 plot) is the starting size of the Pixel-Plot that can be purchased. The reason for selling in 100 Pixel-Plots is because anything smaller than this will not be visible and clear. You can purchase any number of Pixel-Plots in multiples of 100 (100, 200, 300, etc…) in any of the categories.

What is the Validity of the purchased Pixel-Plots?

Pixel-Plots purchased will display the Image/Logo in our website for a life time. Your Ads will permanently display your Image/Logo/Links in our website. Advertise in our website and the Internet will never forget you!!!

What is in it for me?

We provide you with an opportunity to advertise your Image/Logo/Links that will be viewed by many users visiting our website. Many people get to know your website and this increases your chances of sale. Also, the Pixel-Plot you purchase is valid lifelong which increases the chances of your sales all throughout the year every day and every minute. Your Ad statistics can be viewed under your registered NNF account.

Is there a way to monitor the number of Users clicking on my Ad?

Yes. You can register in our website and upload your Ad. Once registered, you can view statistics related to your Ads under your registered NNF account.

How to Purchase Pixel-Plots and Upload Ads?

At Net Never Forgets, advertising as easy as ordering a Pizza. To purchase Pixel-Plots you have to register as an Advertiser by creating an account in our website.

Purchasing can be done easily through the pixel page available for each category under “Advertise Your Business” tab. Click on the empty pixel in the pixel page of any category where you would like to advertise. Once a pixel is selected, you have the option to expand your pixel-plot in height and width. After selection, upload your Image/Logo, provide your Website link and give a title for your Ad so that the users find you easily among other Ads. Ad title will be displayed in the home page when the mouse is scrolled over your Ad. This will give a clear picture of your Ad. Images must be in PNG, JPEG or GIF format and not animated.

You can fine tune the pixel-plot as many times as you wish before you actually make a payment. After successful checkout through CCAvenue, your Pixel-plot will be reserved and your Ad will be uploaded. Net Never Forgets team will verify Ad image/logo, Description, Website link and Title before providing an approval within 3 working days from the day of payment.

Whenever you have reserved your spot, it is guaranteed that nobody else can order the same spot at Net Never Forgets so you can be rest assured that you will get that Golden Spot that you ordered. Purchase a personalized Net Never Forgets pixel-plot for your Ad.

Watch Video on 'How It Works' here:

For more details visit "How it Works" section in the home page. In case of more queries, please write to us:

Can I Purchase many Pixel-Plots under the same category?

Yes, we have that option. But that will not make a good impression on the Ad. Instead, you can purchase a bigger Pixel-Plot to make your Ad catchier and more attractive.

Can I Purchase Pixel-Plots under different categories?

Yes. If there are many Ads to be advertised under different categories you can purchase Pixel-Plots under different categories.

What type of Images/ Links can be uploaded?

You can upload Image/Logo/Links connected to your Business, Contact Info for your business if you don’t have a website, Blogs, etc… However, Offensive Images and Prohibited Links are not allowed. Images must be in PNG, JPEG or GIF format and not animated.

Can I change the Image/Logo/Links in my Ad once uploaded?

No. The Image/Logo/Links cannot be changed for an Ad already posted in our website. If you would like to change the same, the Ad can be deleted and a new Ad can be posted from your registered account.

Can I remove my Ad within the validity period? Will I get a refund?

Yes. The Ad can be removed within the validity period. However, No refund will be provided.

What will be displayed in the Pixel-Plot once my I remove my Ad?

The Pixel-Plot will be empty once the Ad is removed and will be for sale again.

How can I renew my Pixel-Plot?

Guess What? You need not worry about renewal as the Ad posted by you is valid for a life time. This means unless and until you opt to delete the Ad yourself, it will continue to get displayed in our website.

How can I make the payment for the Ad?

Net Never Forgets has provided its Advertisers a completely automatic payment system that greatly minimizes the effort of payment and processing. Payment is carried out through a trusted and secure payment gateway service and you can be assured that your bank/card details are safe and secure. Orders will be processed instantly. 

Where can I view the Ads posted?

You can view the ADs posted under “View ADs” tab in the home page. This page will be displaying all the Ads posted by all advertisers under different categories.

How will the Ads look in the Pixel Page?

A sample pixel page with the ADs is displayed for reference. This can be viewed under “View Ads” tab in the home page.

How to contact us for more queries?

In case of more queries, please write to us: